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6 Ways You Can Move To Germany With No Money

Now, you can come to Germany with no money, Yes! You have heard absolutely right. Today we will talk about 6 Ways You Can Move To Germany With No Money and there is NO NEED for any type of BLOCK ACCOUNT. We will go through these 6 Ways You Can Move To Germany With No Money one by one. Read this carefully Because if one way doesn’t work for you, Then, hopefully, another way will work for you.

6 Ways You Can Move To Germany With No Money

  • Scholarships

If you succeed in getting a scholarship from a German university or institution, then you don’t need a block account. Rather you require a Scholarship Award Letter, which you can present at the Embassy for visa processing to come to Germany. Although very few scholarships are available in Germany as education is already free still, there are still some scholarships for which you can apply. If you get selected, firstly, you don’t need a block account and secondly, when you arrive here, You will keep getting 1000 to 1500 euros per month. So that you don’t need to do other work you can fully focus on your studies. Let’s Talk about the most well-known scholarships, There is the Daad Scholarship in which, certain fields are available. Apart from that, you can explore Erasmus-Mundus and Deutschland Stipendium.

Germany work visa from Pakistan

  • Direct Work Visa

If you have a Germany Work Visa You don’t need a block account. You apply to German companies through LinkedIn for a Germany work visa from Pakistan. You take part in interviews there. If a company gives you a job offer, So, this is the main requirement.

There are other little requirements You go to the Embassy give an interview there, and get a Germany work visa from Pakistan. Alright! So, there are two types of work visas One is a Normal work visa, and the other is a blue card. So, try to get a blue card. Now, what is the blue card? In the Blue card, the salary is higher than a certain threshold For STEM fields, it is 45,000 euros annually and it is slightly higher for other fields. If you get a Blue Card, the benefit is that You can bring your family along with you, And German is also not required for the family (spouse). The salary is also higher and after arriving here, you can get PR in a short time. Already, a lot of people from Pakistan get Germany work visa from Pakistan.

Ausbildung in Germany


Ausbildung in Germany is one of the most efficient form 6 Ways You Can Move To Germany With No Money. AUSBILDUNG is vocational training, with short courses of 2-3 years, in which, they teach you different skills. You are doing practical work as well as studying theory Around 60% is practical and 40% of it is theory. At the end, you are awarded a certificate as well. So, what steps do you have to follow for this? You have to visit and then, See different ausbildung positions, read their requirements, and apply for these.

When you start applying on these, If your profile looks good to them, They will call you for an interview. If you pass the interview or series of interviews, then, they will give you a contract And if they are paying you more than 934 euros per month, then you do not need a block account.

Ausbildung in Germany for Pakistani

In the case of Ausbildung in Germany for Pakistani, you are getting a salary. You are studying as well and getting hands-on experience, which is a good thing And the possibility of getting a job is 100%. When you complete those 3 years as you have done with the same company and gain experience with the same company. In most cases, You start doing the job with that company afterward And you get PR after two years of starting your job. So, it is more suitable for ausbildung in Germany for Pakistanis who want to apply after lower classes Like applying after F.Sc. or Matriculation. So, a block account is also not needed in this case. You can also Come to Germany this way.

6 Ways You Can Move To Germany With No Money

  • PhD programs

A Ph.D. from Germany is one of the 6 Ways You Can Move To Germany With No Money. This means that if you come to Germany for Ph.D. programs, These Ph.D. programs are funded. You do not need a block account in this case. So, what you have to do is, There are two famous websites for finding a PhD program. One is, Second, you will look at Here, you will get PhD programs. You will get funded projects from those universities here. Here, you can discuss a contract with a professor or university. You can finalize your offer with them. This is a sort of work visa. where you get paid monthly So, this way, you can come and You don’t need a block account as well.

FRV Germany Pakistan

  • FRV

FRV stands for Family Re-union Visa. FRV Germany Pakistan is very efficient for Pakistan. This means if you already have family in Germany, You can come to Germany for the Reunion. A block account is not needed in this case But there is one hard requirement. Your spouse should be in Germany already. You can bring your spouse on a student visa too. But it is not like that a block account is not required.

Rather block account will be needed in this case. Because your spouse is already dependent here. Either he is studying, on a study visa, or on another visa Until he is not on a work visa, or has a good income, He cannot invite the spouse. If your spouse is in Germany or will soon be in Germany, Then you can adopt this way But remember one thing If you are applying from the Islamabad Embassy. There is a long waiting time But if you are moving on a blue card recently, and you have an interview Then you can go with your family and interviews will be held together And a family reunion becomes easy then.

Germany Sponsor Visa Requirements for Pakistani

  • Sponsor Visa

Let’s talk about the sponsor visa and Germany Sponsor Visa Requirements for Pakistani, which is very important, and many Pakistanis use it and search for germany sponsor visa for Pakistani. This is the Sponsor Visa way. In sponsorship, if a person, who is settled in Germany, takes your responsibility, gives you a letter, a letter of sponsorship (Verpflichtungserklärungen). So, your block account requirement is exempted.

You can come without a blocked account Because it is written in the letter that the person who is coming on a study visa, job search visa, or any other, That person is my responsibility So, it is just a letter that a person sends you from here. So, the person (he/she) does not need to credit the money. They are just taking responsibility. Now, you might be thinking that Neither your sibling nor any of your relatives are in Germany But the good thing is sponsor does not need to have blood relations. He can be your father’s brother’s friend. The embassy asks why this person is sponsoring you. You should tell them the reason that This person is a sponsor and why is that person doing so. So, you can come to Germany this way and a block account is not required Besides.

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